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Active Linstage Preamplifier
The Placette Audio Active Linestage is the finest linestage available today at any price. No other Preamp available today can deliver the absolutely transparent, effortless performance of these units.

Passive Linestage
These remote controlled passive Linestages feature remote control of volume and input selection. They use the Placette Audio 125 step volume control that use only the very expensive Vishay S-102 resistors.

Remote Volume Control
This low cost passive unit is ideal for the user who has only one source component in his system or for someone who wishes to add remote volume control capability to a favorite preamp.

Replacement - (Programmed) Universal Learning Remote Control

Replacement - (External) 5 volt Regulated Power Supply

Operation Guides & Technical Information . . .

Operation Guide for Active Remote Volume Control
Placette pre-amps are designed to remain powered up at all times so they do not have a power on/off switch. If your unit has a key lock on the rear panel, this key will disable the control system, making the unit inoperable while at the same time allowing the electronics to remain on.

Operation Guide for Passive Remote Volume Control
The best way to use the Remote Volume Control is to place it as near as possible to your power amplifier. As a passive device, the shorter the cables are, the better the performance will be. This is made easy by the use of its remote control capability.

Remote Control Codes
Preamp input/output selections are made by selecting preamp and then selecting the desired source. Tape operation is also controlled by the remote. Preamp volume is controlled in all eight of the device options.

Technical Information
The need for a preamp when most sources already have enough output to drive a power amp is really related to the need for an accurate and truly transparent volume control.

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If you have been searching for the sonic purity and clarity that allows hours and hours of fatigue-free listening, Placette Audio has the pre-amps and volume controls that make it possible. Our exclusive use of the very costly Vishay S102 resistors in a proprietary 126 step attenuator eliminates the distortions present in even the finest quality volume controls.

"The Placette has some of the most refined, delicate, and utterly silken reproduction of high frequencies that has ever graced any system of mine. To be brief, under circumstances that I can control or am otherwise familiar with, I haven't heard a better pre-amp than the Placette"
Paul Seydor... "The Absolute Sound" (issue 125)

    * The Absolute Sound issue 125 (PDF file)
* The Future of Sound (PDF file)
* The Audiophile Voice (PDF file)

Placette Audio Company History
Several years ago I was using a preamp that allowed me to set the channel balance by nulling the right and left channels together while using the balance control. This perfectly adjusted channel balance not only improved the imaging but also seemed to bring the overall sound into a much sharper focus and clarity.

Testimonials / Customer Comments
"The improved (sound) quality of the Placette passive when compared to highly regarded active pre amps that I have auditioned is audible from top to bottom...I Now get more extension in either extreme than I have ever experienced in my sound system."

Q and A (questions & answers)
Why use a Pre-Amp at all? Why not just connect my CD player directly to the power amp and use variable output of the CD player to control the volume?

Placette Audio products may be returned or exchanged for any reason within (30) calendar days of receipt.


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