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Customer Comments - Testimonilas

"The improved (sound) quality of the Placette passive when compared to highly regarded active pre amps that I have auditioned is audible from top to bottom...I Now get more extension in either extreme than I have ever experienced in my sound system."

"I too, own a Placette passive with remote. I'll get right to the point! I've been a high-end audio hobbyist for 20 years and I've been through a lot of great Tube and Solid-state Pre-amps and linestages. The Placette is the most neutral, transparent, dynamic, tonally accurate, harmonically correct, musically gestalt pre-amp that I've ever heard. Period!!!!! Be forewarned-once you hear it your hooked!"

"When I a/b(ed) the Placette to the Audible Illusions, I was overwhelmed. The Placette clearly was more transparent and produced better imaging; the notes were crisper, the strings--especially the bass--was clearly more defined and tighter, thereby producing much overall sweetness."

"The Placette preserves the drive and impact of rhythmic, dynamic music. It's hard to describe the "character" of this preamplifier since it changes with each selected recording. This suggests that it is accurately reproducing what is in the recording instead of imparting it's own quality on the signal. The Placette achieves that quality of spectral presence of musicians by creating solid, stable images, that seem to be anchored in a definite place on a deep soundstage."

"I have listened to this pre-amp and it sounds wonderful. It sounds as clear and transparent an any pre-amp I have heard to date. This is a serious bargain for the sound. This product beats all other passive's hands down."

"Incredible clarity, detail and resolving power. NO bass weakness at all."

"I put it in my system and it felt like NOTHING was inserted. The unit is so neutral as to be non-existant. None of the sometimes-lamented artifacts of passives were shown: rolled off highs, lack of dynamics, weak bass. This unit passes EVERYTHING right on through!"

"This passive pre-amp with a remote is a steal. I used Adcom GFP750, McCormak TLC deluxe, Audible Illusion L1, NEW P3, but nothing was close. Since I purchased a SONY SCD777ES, I immediately realized the GFP750 and L1's weakness, lack of ultimate transparency because of SACD's high resolution, dynamics and amazing treble sound. Through the Placette pre, treble, midrange, bass, dynamics, soundstage width or depth are all passed to power amps without any hint of distortion. I feel so lucky not to spend thousands of moony to get this good sound. Highly recommended."

"Out of the box the Placette impressed me with a number of things. First, Extension. There seemed no loss at either frequency extreme. Second, it's clarity. Talk about removing veils. Not harsh, just a sense that I was getting exactly what was coming from the source. If the source had great soundstage and depth, it was there; if not it wasn't. Third, the way it tracked balance as the volume was raised or lowered. I can only describe it as uncanny; there was/is no wavering of image as volume is changed. I'm addicted to this aspect now, and whenever I listen to a "regular" volume control it's balance tracking ability (or lack of) jumps out at me."

"The bass reproduction is more accurate. Not only in terms of definition, but also with providing a listener with some of the cues that are only apparent when you listen to live music."

"In truth, I would have to say that my present system sounds more like the 'real thing' and more like music, as opposed to a hi-fi imitation that any other system I have ever owned."

"It truly is INCREDIBLE. It outperforms my CAT SL-1 in every way!"

"The overall impact for me is that I'm now able to hear into the musical event. The clarity of the unit has enabled me not just to listen to the performance, but into the nuances of the music and intent of the musicians. This applies to all kinds of music- classical, jazz, rock, electronic."

"Hi Guy. I finally received my heavily modified Cary CD player, and it mates quite nicely with your pre-amp, which seems to let through whatever is plugged into it. I hope your pre-amp is receiving good reviews; it deserves them."


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