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These remote controlled passive Linestages feature remote control of volume and input selection. They use the Placette Audio 125 step volume control that use only the very expensive Vishay S-102 resistors. Like all Placette Audio products, they offer almost uncanny transparency and clarity that Placette has become known for. But they have the added capability of multiple inputs.

The three input sets are completely separate from each other in that the only one connected electrically to the circuit is the one that is selected. The other two are disconnected completely from the unit, including the ground connection. This helps to control ground faults and cross talk.

If you are looking for the transparency of an essentially distortionless linestage, this unit will outperform almost any active linestage available today regardless of price!

These units measure approximately 2" high, 19" wide and 6.5" deep.

Passive Linestage Pre-Amp - Front View

Passive Linestage Pre-Amp - Back View



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