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Remote Volume Control


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This low cost passive unit is ideal for the user who has only one source component in his system or for someone who wishes to add remote volume control capability to a favorite preamp.

The Remote Volume Control has the Placette Audio 125 step attenuator that uses only Vishay resistors. The input impedance is a constant 9k ohms at every volume setting. The remote control allows for easy operation while at the same time placing it close to the power amp for the shortest possible output interconnects.

Although passive, these units do not suffer the usual loss of dynamics or bass response associated with other passive designs because of the non-inductive load offered by the Vishay S-102 resistors that are use throughout the volume control circuits. These controls will allow the sound of your sources to come through in full without the grain and brightness caused by typical volume controls including the "variable out" that is available on some source components.

Approximately 2" high, 7.5" wide and 10" deep.

Remote Volume Control - Front View



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