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Placette Audio - Company History

Several years ago I was using a preamp that allowed me to set the channel balance by nulling the right and left channels together while using the balance control. This perfectly adjusted channel balance not only improved the imaging but also seemed to bring the overall sound into a much sharper focus and clarity. The system seemed to have a much clearer, more open sound. But as soon as I changed the volume, even slightly, I lost that perfect focus and balance because the volume control could not track evenly. So every time I changed the volume, I would have to re-balance the system. I purchased several "high end" pots and installed them in the preamp, but the nulling feature in the preamp showed me that no matter how costly the pot, it would never come close to keeping the right and left channels perfectly balanced at every volume setting.

The next step was to build a stepped attenuator with hard wired resistors. Although this solved the tracking errors of the volume control, it was cumbersome to use and I found that when I wanted to set the volume, the next higher setting was often too loud while the one below it was too soft. What was needed was a stepped attenuator with many more than the usual 32 steps. But a switch with that many separate steps was not available. That led to the development of the 125 step attenuator that is used in all Placette Audio preamps and volume controls.

This incredible attenuator has 125 steps of volume control. It tracks so accurately that the output from both channels is always perfectly balanced at each and every volume setting. It's easy to use and the IR Remote Control was added as a standard feature.

Building these controls using only the very costly Vishay S102 resistors was the final touch that allowed these volume controls to perform with an almost startling clarity. It has to be heard to be believed. Nothing else even comes close. Unless you have heard your system with a Vishay resistor volume control, you have not even come close to hearing the full potential of that system.

An easy way to confirm this is to listen to any source with it's own volume control and play it directly into your power amp. Then, play the same source again but use it's line output and control the volume with the Placette Vishay attenuator. The difference will be a revelation to you. This is why all Placette Audio products are sold with an in-system trial. The improvement is not subtle. Hear just how good your sources really are!   Guy Hammel


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