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Active Linsestage Preamplifier


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The Placette Audio Active Linestage is the finest linestage available today at any price. No other Preamp available today can deliver the absolutely transparent, effortless performance of these units. It not only allows full access to whatever your sources are capable of, but it does not add any artifacts of it's own. It is a revelation to hear what your system is already capable of when you hear it without the sonic smearing or the bright and fatiguing sound caused by the distortions in other volume controls and Preamps. This Preamp is the ideal choice for audiophiles who want to listen for long periods at a time at high levels without being bothered by listener fatigue.

It has a constant input impedance of 18k ohms. The low output impedance of 10 ohms insures that it can drive long cables. Noise and distortion is so low that it is difficult to measure accurately.

Reviewers say that these Preamps are "addictive" because once you hear the pure, extended, grainless and open sound these devices are capable of, you will never be satisfied with anything less! 

Active Linsestage Preamplifier - Front View

Active Linsestage Preamplifier - Back View


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